Class Brainstorming

Wed 6
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In the original Red Box D&D game there are seven classes: 4 are human archetypes and 3 are demihuman races. I wanted to stick to this formula, but also wanted to start from scratch in terms of building them from the ground up.

Each class is essentially a basic description, a single Inherent trait, a suggestion on how to roleplay, and then a small pool of talents to choose from. The talents I’ve been brainstorming have a little less “oomph” than the RBH2 talents, but it’s pretty important to me that they continue to have a strong impact on class flavor as much as mechanics/combat. I really like Eric’s insight that the class talents should really be about what sets that class apart from the others, not just about what that class happens to be better at.

Here are the classes so far:

  • The Fighter – warrior/barbarian type, who strongarms his way through adventures.
    • skilled with weapons
    • natural leader in fighting
    • lover of life
    • understands danger
    • physically powerful
    • resourceful
  • The Magic-User – studious mage, who manipulates the world at whim.
    • strange and mysterious – big hats
    • knowledgeable
    • “connected” to something greater
    • pouches of components
    • books and staff
  • The Cleric – monk/holy man, who is a calming or inspiring presence to all around.
    • spiritual focus
    • power against undeath
    • clout with the Gods concerning healing and death
    • ascetic (unusual restrictions)
    • charismatic and inspirational
  • The Thief – clever cutpurse, who can do sleight of hand and climb any surface.
    • hands are always busy
    • hidden weaponry
    • ability to climb anything
    • magical and mundane “gadgetry” – always able to pull something out of their pocket
    • naturally able to avoid authority
  • The Dwarf – stocky underground type who knows stone, axes, and hammers.
    • Stubborn and naturally resistant
    • Crafty – in the artisan sense of the word
    • Devoted to heritage and history
    • Lover of precious metal and brews
  • The Elf – woodsy and fey, the elf can both fight and do magic.
    • Stealth and mystery
    • Power with the bow
    • Understanding of nature
    • Touched by immortality
    • Companion to animals
  • The Goblin – A native of the dungeon environment, this small-size creature is mischievous and dangerous.
    • Small size compared to other races
    • Mount-friendly
    • Tracking ability, keen nose
    • Expert scrounger
    • Iron Stomach
    • Slippery nature

What do you think?