Confession Time: Things Actually DON’T Seem to be Moving Again

Mon 2
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I had hoped that after all the house renovation and moving craziness of this last winter that I’d find a space to carve out each week to get back into the swing of designing Old School Hack stuff again but honestly the inspiration seems to continue to elude me despite strong encouragement from fans and friends.

My current goals seem to be perfectly surmountable, I’ve been hoping to reinvent the main Old School Hack character sheet to something more campaign-play oriented and also build some really awesome Rientsian-flavored Adventure Generation tables both for an OSH DM to architect some extra flavor into their adventure but also provide seeds for more in-line-with-each-other Adventure Goals for the Player Characters.


Hey, at least I did that logo redesign I’ve been wanting to do.

What would you like to see on a revised Old School Hack character sheet? What sort of format and layout? How would you like it better integrated into the class sheets? Please, let me know!

Beyond that, any regular old words of encouragement continue to be appreciated.

Fortunately (at least for me) I seem to not be at a loss for continuing to play Old School Hack, or at least just Talk About It. Here are some link round-ups of me being blabbery:

  • The awesome Brian Engard of 2d6 Cents asked me some questions about the game, which I answered over here.
  • If you listen to gamer podcasts, you should definitely listen to the Jennisodes (iTunes link), and she took the time to interview me and break down my love for D&D and my inspirations behind the game.
  • Separate from Old School Hack I bounced a new idea for gaming off the guys over at The Accidental Survivors, and we had an awesome time hashing out some interesting game mechanics.
  • My friends Lyndsay & Liz recently launched a new gaming blog, and I offered to run an online game for them as a way to celebrate, they wrote up an awesome review here.

So I can’t help but feel that this is just yet more tacky self-promotion in a seemingly endless wait for more gaming goodies from me and I apologize for that. I’m nervous about promising that the next post you see from me will be some honest-to-God new Old School Hack content and that you’ll see such a post soon, but I’m going to try my hardest for that to happen, hold me to it, guys.