A table-top roleplaying system that's a hack of a hack of the original Red Box version of a certain popular hack-and-slash fantasy game. That's a lot of hacking.

Playing Old School Hack at GenCon?

Tue 26
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If you are, I want to hear about it.

I am. I’m at least running a game for the cool guys over at the Accidental Survivors podcast on Saturday afternoon. I’m also going to try to swing by D20Blonde’s Friday night RPGchat Tweet-up after the ENnies and that’s exactly the kind of party where impromptu games of Old School Hack, Fiasco, or Werewolf/Mafia might happen, so I would encourage you to check it out.

Other than that I’m actually trying to keep my schedule relatively clear for meeting people, playing Games on Demand, and other impromptu gaming. Can’t wait!

Gonna be handing these out, too:

EDIT: I completely forgot that you’re all invited to breakfast early Friday morning, any time after 7am. I fly in pretty early that morning so I’m going to be hanging out at LePeep’s with (hopefully) a few friends, and wanting to meet people! Come on down.