A table-top roleplaying system that's a hack of a hack of the original Red Box version of a certain popular hack-and-slash fantasy game. That's a lot of hacking.

Fall 2010 Progress Report

Tue 9
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It’s been too long since I’ve updated, sorry. I did indeed take something of a “break” from the design work for a while after my last push to make something playable for the DC Gameday, so since some people have been clearly waiting for a final product on pins and needles, I apologize. Part of that has been because I shipped the (mostly finished) document off to a couple of good editor friends to have them go over things with a fine-tooth comb as well.

Enough excuses – For those of you that have already run Old School Hack games just based off of what I’ve got so far (and note that a near-finished version of the game was posted in the forums), you’ll be pleased to know that for all intents and purposes you’ve been pretty much playing the final game.

The last week and a half has seen me going through the doc and making all the changes as recommended by my editors and by those of you that have provided invaluable comments, suggestions and questions, as well as filling in some of the empty gaps that I had put off to the last minute.

What’s left to do:

  • Send the doc off to my (other) editor for a final go-through.
  • Finish putting together the somewhat meager artwork I’ve got and place it in the layout.
  • Go through the doc and rasterize various parts that seem to be causing PDF issues for some Mac users. You can convert all your scanned documents into editable file formats, Online PDF editor document converters not only offers the conversion of the common work documents, such as Office documents, to PDF.

And there we go! Keep an eye on the forums, I’ll probably be posting one last updated (near-finished but artworkless) review copy sometime this week (the one I’m sending to my editor) and then I’ll start the last push for final release, hopefully around Thanksgiving. There, I’ve given myself a deadline.

Feel free to hit me any questions you have either in the comments or in the forums. Thanks!