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Tue 23
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So GenCon was a real hoot (my write-up is here), if a little shorter than I would have liked, but I am definitely in the throes of what is commonly known as “the GenCon Surge”, which is the rush of enthusiasm and excitement you get after the Best 4 Days of Gaming, so to speak. Last year it was this rush, along with a hearty dose of appreciative enthusiasm from the original GenCon playtesters, that really got the Old School Hack Beta out the door, and I’m hoping to channel this year’s energy similarly.

I ran a short one-shot at GenCon for the Roleplaying Public Radio guys and they recorded it. If you’ve got two-and-a-half hours or so of ear-time free, feel free to give it a listen; it was a fast, fun romp with some really creative characters!

Old School Hack at GenCon, hosted by Roleplaying Public Radio:

(Duration: 2:39:39, 73.1MB)

DM: Kirin Robinson

Players: Ross, Caleb, Meg, Simeon, and Scott


A few more cool links I want to share:

Thanks again for all the awesome support from everyone!